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I run my wood turning business the good old-fashioned way. Please give me a call or email (see the Contact link), we'll discuss what you need, and I'll send you a quotation that includes shipping. You send me a check or a money order and, when the check has cleared then I will either ship you the product (if I have it in stock already), or I will make the product for you as soon as I can.

Why do the prices vary?

The price of the particular turning will vary according the rarity of the woods that I use. Woods like Big Leaf Maple, that are in plentiful supply around the Northwest of the United States will be the most modestly priced.

In contrast, exotic woods like Jarrah or Cocobolo come from thousands of miles away and the prices reflect those costs.

Also, as you might expect, simple products take less time than the more complex products such as peppermills, which involve many different steps, and take several hours to turn and finish.

How long will I have to wait to receive my order?

That will vary depending only on two things: firstly, do I have the particular wood that you have asked for in stock, and secondly, the time it takes me to hand craft the item(s) that you order. Typically I will be able to ship your order to you within 30 days. If it is likely to be longer than that, I will email you immediately I get your order. However, feel free to contact me by email or telephone before you place an order and I will give you an estimated delivery time straight away.

Wood turning is a very personal craft, and I pride myself on the level of service I offer my clients.


I will carefully pack and ship your product to you either via Federal Express, UPS, or International Mail. I have put significant effort and care in making each item, and therefore you will find that I ensure that it will not be damaged in normal shipping. I will insure the items you buy for their replacement costs.

I will email you a tracking number for your order so that you can track its progress.

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